End of another year

End of another year

So it’s almost Christmas, and subsequently, almost New Year’s as well. I usually do a post to round up my year and maybe put a few resolutions in to spice things up. I did post my resolutions in That time of year, so I’ll just be reminiscing in this one.

This year, I had a bit more time and, as my coworker informed me, Friday, December 21, happens to be ugly sweater day. So in light of that information, I’ve made a graphic depicting some of my accomplishments this year.

So I’ll go in a clockwise fashion:

Barnes and Noble

Forever my happy place.

OSU Spears School of Business

My new job!

26th birthday

Turned 26 on Oct. 11.

Kissing emoji

Met my current boyfriend around June. This is also the second most used emoji on my phone at the moment.

Oklahoma State

Moved back to Oklahoma in May!

Missouri State

Wouldn’t have a job without my degree and time in Missouri.

OSU logo

Officially became a cowboy when I accepted a job with the Spears School of Business.

Target logo

Worked at Target while I was finishing school and when I moved back to Oklahoma.

Lee Enterprises

Worked with Lee while I was finishing school at Wisconsin.

University of Wisconsin

Graduated from Wisconsin in May with another Bachelors.

Travis Garza Weight Loss Challenge logo

Did three rounds of Travis Garza’s Weight Loss challenge and lost about 40 lbs.

Kansas State

Where I’ll be for part of my Christmas, along with my parents originating from there.

Wisconsin State

I started my year in Wisconsin and moved after three years.


I’m still heavily influenced by books and am enjoying my time off between books and Netflix.

I know I have a lot to be thankful this year, along with a lot of exciting aspects to look forward to this year. As always, I hope to be able to keep this blog a bit more updated than the past year.

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That time of year

That time of year