Writing Bug

So I’ve been wanting to write a post but not sure what to write about. So here’s an update on my goals for the year:

Pay off debt

I’m set to pay off two of my credit cards by the end of February. While I still have two other cards that are about maxed out, I’m trying my best to be patient and look into other streams of revenue and figure out ways to cut back my own expenses. One of the biggest items I can cut back is eating out. It becomes so easy to do this on, at or on my way back to work.

Building a savings/emergency fund

I’ve at least started a savings fund. This has been helped by two things.

The first I want to bring attention to an easy to use app: Twine. I have a savings fund set up through the app to withdraw $25/week. I can increase or decrease the amount I want to save for along with my regular contributions. It’s also a good app to save for trips and investments. I like it because it’s out of sight out of mind.

I also started another bank account that I have access to but is separated from my general funds. I like this because, like Twine, it’s out of state, out of mind. I can build up a separate cash flow if anything happens to my car or medical expenses.


I’ve been looking at gyms in the area. I am looking at Crossfit Stillwater but am finding the right time financially to commit to it. I could go to the university gym but I don’t trust myself to have that much of a self disciplined routine. Crossfit Stillwater would be able to give me small class sizes, affordable, and structured workout routines.

Side hussle

So I’ve been looking at potential freelancing opportunities. Most of them have been for magazines, but I’ve also been looking at graphic design prospects. I’ve also really been interested in creating my own blog for various things like affiliate links, art projects, and similar projects. I have created a blog before without much success so I’m not sure how I would feel about doing another.

Basically, this is what I have worked on so far. I’m still trying to piece together what I can do to save for more expensive projects and being more independent.

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