4 free beginner email course series to build your monetized blog

4 free beginner email course series to build your monetized blog

I’m fairly new to the blogging, so I love searching and enrolling for free email course series from experienced bloggers.

If you scoff at the thought of signing up for these free email course series or making money from blogging, this blog post probably won’t be marketed towards your demographic.

I love learning new ways to market and improve my blog, especially since it’s still in its early stages. Plus, it’s a free email course! Worst case scenario is I don’t open an email from my new blogging connection, but chances are I won’t want to miss their next piece of advice.

So to help you grow your blog, whether your a brand new blogger, you want to expand or create a blog for your business, or you’re a seasoned blogger wanting to learn something new, here are # free email course series from experienced bloggers:

Michelle’s Making Sense of Cents How to Start a Blog FREE Course

Michelle’s How to Start a Blog FREE Course was one of the first courses that I tried when starting my first blog.

I had no idea what went into making money blogging. Making Sense of Cents has been making thousand’s a month primarily based on affiliate income alone for a few years now.

Michelle’s free email course primarily focuses on the technical aspect about how to set up your blog using WordPress for the first half of her emails. While these are important foundation skills to learn and develop, the most important information from the How to Start a Blog FREE Course is rooted in the later half of her emails.

By day three of How to Start a Blog FREE Course, you should have your site set-up and functioning. Day four allows you to delve into blogging by targeting you blogging niche, learning affiliate marketing tips, and developing other passive income streams blogging.

Many of Michelle’s other Making Sense of Cents income streams funnel from online courses, like her Making Sense of Affiliated Marketing course, but her How to Start a Blog FREE Course is a great starting point for learning how to make money blogging.

Melyssa Griffin’s Free Blog Training Series

I just finished Melyssa’s Free Blog Training Series. Her beginner blogging email series is formulated through 4 videos. Each day brings a new email and a new 25 minute video. While this email series is one of the shortest in amount of days, the Free Blog Training Series is packed with useful information.

What I love about Melyssa’s series is that it has nothing about the technical side of setting up your site. Melyssa’s Free Blog Training Series starts you off on what marketing strategies make money on her blog.

She focuses on helping your blog gain traffic and successful marketing strategies that have earned her over $1 million.

I especially love how her Free Blog Training Series caters towards what not to do as a new blogger. She also delves into growing an email list, increasing traffic from Pinterest, and growing passive income streams.


Arfa Nazeer’s SheMeansBlogging Bite Sized Blogging Lessons

When Arfa says bite-sized, she’s not joking.

Bite Sized Blogging Lessons is probably one of the longest free money making email course series in this resource list, coming in with 11 daily emails. Each is super short and leads you to a longer post depending on your interest level in the email.

Each email in Arfa’s Bite Sized Blogging Lessons are super short. Maybe less than or equal to about 500 words, so you aren’t spending a lot of time sifting through repetitive information or marketing strategies.

Arfa’s Bite Sized Blogging Lessons are also less focused on the technical aspects, such as learning how to set up your money-making blog, and more engaged in helping you build traffic to your blog. Bite Sized Blogging Lessons focus on many different traffic building marketing strategies, including learning SEO, Pinterest strategies, and creating email marketing campaigns.

Chelsea’s HerPaperRoute and Blog Tips Blogging StartUp Kit

This is my most recent free email course series resource to try. It also hosts a few extra steps to get to the Blogging StartUp Kit but is worth every one.

Chelsea is a marketer by trade and runs two blogs, both about blogging and marketing tips. The Blogging StartUp Kit is run through Teachable, an online e-course generator, rather than through solely email, but to get to the course, you need to get the password through signing up your email address. Like I said, a few extra steps but it’s worth it for the amount of freebies you gain access to.

The Blogging StartUp Kit also houses a lot of extra freebies that Chelsea has curated as resources for people learning how to blog. Topics range from learning SEO, growing traffic through email lists, and building a profitable blog.

While the Blogging StartUp Kit caters towards monetizing a successful blog, Chelsea also notes about other successful mindset tips, such as creating a budget, successful habits, and more.


These are only 4 examples of countless other free email course series to build a monetized blog.

If you’re struggling building your blog, try one of these courses. Each free email course series highlights a different marketing strategy to help you build a successful monetized blog.

Each developer also brings a different skillset to the table as far as being a successful business owner.

  • Making Sense of Cents - Finance

  • SheMeansBlogging - Communication

  • Melyssa Griffin - Graphic Design, e-course developer

  • HerPaperRoute - Marketing

No matter your struggle, each free email course series can touch on any of your problem areas at no cost to you.

Do you host or support another free email course series? Leave a link and a short description in the comments for other bloggers to utilize your resources!

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