5 successful habits to start as an entrepreneur

5 successful habits to start as an entrepreneur

Over the course of their success, many millionaires, entrepreneurs, and successful business owners have had similar hobbies. Many have credited to these hobbies to improve their success and to innovate their spirits.

While there are many habits that can help a successful entrepreneur to get ahead, these hobbies invigorate entrepreneurs who want to stay focused and mindful of their goals.

Many of these hobbies are great to provide a great work-life balance other than solely focusing on your business. Hobbies are meant to be fun and invigorating for the participant. They provide focus and entertainment, but are still helpful in achieving an entrepreneur’s ambitions.

Exercise 5 times a week

Many successful entrepreneurs entertain themselves by having a very active lifestyle. While the type of exercise usually defers from person to person, they usually are very committed to exercising about 5 times during the week, also usually in the morning.

If you aren’t into much of a routine when it comes to exercising, try committing to something you can achieve fairly easily but can still work up a sweat.

Taking a 20-minute walk to start your day or a brief yoga session should get your blood flowing and focus your mind on one task at a time throughout the day.

A brief 30-minute activity should do the trick. If you need to, try committing to 3 days of activity and make your way up to 5 days at your own pace.

Meditate for 30 minutes a day

Just like exercise, many successful entrepreneurs meditate before their day begins.

Before they look at their emails or priority lists, entrepreneurs tend to take at least a 30-minute break from their day to focus and meditate.

This can take many forms. Some tend to try to focus on their day and have a bit of calm before the storm. Others prefer to focus on a yoga routine to balance their headspace before taking on their day.

I suggest finding a way that resonates with you to promote a centered, productive mindset for you business.


Read for 30 minutes a day

Now, reading is one of my favorite past times. You don’t have to do much to make me want to read a book.

Many successful business owners are avid readers, usually at least 30 minutes a day. Just like the previous hobbies, many entrepreneurs and millionaires tend to read early in the day to focus their mindset and help new ideas to formulate before their day officially begins.

Now, it is not enough to just read anything. Many successful entrepreneurs focus on various topics though.

Whether you have an interest in history, science, business, finances, self-help or any other genre, it’s important to focus on improving your mind, body and soul when you are reading. The intent is to create new ideas, entertain different point of views and learn from the material that you read.

Romance, while entertaining, might not be the end goal.

Socialize with friends and family

Socializing for an entrepreneur isn’t just about networking, however, that could be an added bonus.

Socializing is about learning from others. You put yourself with like-minded people and bounce ideas and scenarios off of each other.

Many times, social events are not located at the dinner table or at your local bar. Socializing means experiencing and entertaining new activities that broaden ones horizons.

Now this doesn’t mean you have to reach extensively out of your comfort zone. Try a new walking tour in your area, go to a museum, visit a local festival. As long as you’re interacting and building a connection with people, that’s the objective when you socialize as an entrepreneur.

Write to create a productive schedule

Writing is another hobby that is a bit more flexible in its execution. Many successful habits that a successful entrepreneur revolve around writing in various forms.

Whether you write extensive lists, an itinerary for the next day, or a business plan, you must be able to write and execute your written plans.

This is a gradual hobby that, if you aren’t a strong writer, you have the ability to work towards a goal. You might start by making lists for your next day’s plans and work your way to creating a successful business plan. Either way you are improving an area of your business life, as writing will never be a skill that others don’t hold in high regard on a resume.

It’s important to write and be intentional about what you are writing. Writing just to get something on a piece of paper will not improve anything. Writing with a plan in mind and a purpose allows you to create intent for those that you are writing for, even if that is only you for a period of time.


Hobbies are there to entertain and help develop us as business owners, entrepreneurs, and millionaires-in-waiting. It’s important to keep focused on our professional goals, but from our predecessors, it’s equally as important to develop rich lives that we can develop in the same way.

Most hobbies let us turn our minds off from work. Instead of investing your time in a hobby that doesn’t help you focus, like movies or video games, take a crack at one of the hobbies above to focus your ambitions and goals in a productive manner.

Do you have any hobbies that help you become productive and focused on your goals? Leave an example for others in the comments!

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