Success in Business: Tiffany Bekx Photography

Success in Business: Tiffany Bekx Photography

Starting your own business can be scary. It can be very rewarding as well but only when you start seeing those successful measures that you’ve so painstakingly taken. I think it’s very important to highlight businesses in all shapes and forms and show how they have made a success for themselves.

Tiffany Bekx

Tiffany started her photography venture about 5 years ago. Since then, she’s been able to morph it into a very rewarding business for herself.

Her main focus right now is providing wedding photography and family-oriented photos at her home-base around Madison, Wisconsin. When she’s not working or taking photos, you can usually find her with her multiple pups or her husband doing something fun and adventurous.

I got to know Tiffany while participating in an OrangeTheory class and immediately formed a connection with her bright and curious personality. She’s always got a project going on or a goal that she’s driving to meet.

Here are a few of her take-aways from her successes and her business:

Tell us a bit about your business.

It’s a photography company that focuses on families and weddings. 

Do you see your business as a business? Or do you classify it as a side-hustle, freelancing, etc.?

I see it as a business. When I first started, I considered it a side hustle, but now it’s a full blown business. 

How long has it taken to see your business as a success? Do you consider it as such?

I honestly never expected to really go anywhere because I know tons of amazing photographers; however, it blew up rather quickly and has continued to grow over the last 5 years, so I consider it a success. For me, anyways. I’m the perfect amount of busy.

When did you see photography as a business for yourself?

I’ve always dabbled and then about 5 ½ years ago I was doing product photography for the company I worked for. I started photographing friends and children and realized I loved it and decided to pursue it more.

How has your business evolved?

My style ever changes, I learn a new way to edit or touch a photo all the time. When I first started I was a hard no for weddings, I thought they’d be too stressful, but it turns out I love shooting weddings, and I see myself gravitating more towards weddings and couples. 

What’s your favorite part about having a business?

Being my own boss for sure. 

What are some of the less favorable aspects of running your business? Favorites?

Time management. I feel like I don’t leave a lot of time for myself and that’s something I’m learning to work on finally. One of my favorite things is the freedom. I can say no when I need to, I can take the time away when I need that break, and I love meeting so many new people. I’m a huge people person and meeting new people who often become friends is something I love. 

Since I know you have another full-time job, how do you balance things?

The longer I run my business, the better I’m getting at managing things. I currently work for a company where my contract is written as such that my photography business is a priority. 

What is something you wish you had started doing in the beginning of your business that you do now?

Setting certain days aside for my family. In the beginning I was too afraid to say no and was booking stuff every day and not leaving time to enjoy and relax with my family and friends. 

If you could go back, what advice would you give yourself concerning your first client?

You’re worth more than you’re selling yourself for. 

What advice would you tell others that want to succeed in your type of business?

Persistence, and never stop learning, which is super cliche, but super true, especially in photography because styles are always changing. 

How did you learn your skill-set for your business? (Shadowing, school, hobby, etc.)

I’m all self taught, I read some stuff online, watched some youtube videos and then just got my hands on a camera and practiced. 

Is there anything that you think could improve your business? (A product or skill)

I’m still learning off camera flash, and wish I took more time to really learn how to finesse it. 

What are some motivators for you to continue your business?

I love to travel and my business helps me achieve my travel goals and I love to see families take the time to capture moments they’ll never have again and being apart of that. 

How would you like to see your business expand? (Add more people, more clients, more time committed to it, etc.) 

I’d love more clients, and more variety of clients, as I really want to start reaching clients across the nation and internationally. 

What are some goals you have for your business?

I’d love to travel more for sessions, especially internationally. I’ve been working on that this year.  

Where do you see yourself in a year with your business? Five years? Ten years?

This is a hard one, I see myself doing the same, maybe more international travel in there. 

Where has your support come from when building your business? How has it helped?

My friends and family have been the biggest support. They are so quick to share my work and put my name out there and it’s how my business grew so quick. 

How do you find most of your clients?

Word of mouth. I’ve never paid for advertising, I post on Facebook and all of my business has come from shares and word of mouth. 

How and which social media outlets do you have the most success for your business?

Facebook for sure. I post occasionally on Instagram, but it’s never really brought in clients for me, so I’m not super involved in it like I should be, but I’m happy with what I receive from Facebook. 

How can people reach out to you to see your work or use your services?

My website is or they can find me on Facebook at Tiffany Bekx Photography


Each business has its ups and downs, but they provide inspiration and guidance for all of us still working on our ventures.

If you’re interested in more of Tiffany’s services or help Tiffany’s international or national dream a reality, you can life Facebook page or visit her website.

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