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Debt and budget tips with Suze Orman's Debt Avalanche Method

After I found stable employment, I knew I needed to start thinking of a plan to pay off my debt. It wasn’t going to be able to be my first priority but it needed to be one of my main priorities over the next few years.

That’s when I found Suze Orman’s Debt Avalanche Method. Orman’s Debt Avalanche Method allowed me to focus on the interest rates to further my personal finance goals with my mountain of debt.

7 Personal goal ideas to create new habits outside the office

My days off where pretty uneventful and wasteful, usually doing chores and errands that I could have done on other days. I didn’t have many leisurely activities to create any personal goals in my off time to devote myself towards.

So, I made a few personal goals that could turn into skills or habits that won’t only keep me busy, but also keep me driven in a purposeful direction.