What makes a successful blogger?

What makes a successful blogger?

If you’ve started a Pinterest account, you might have heard about blogging.

Blogging is creating content for an audience on a website. Some websites provide consistent content on a predetermined topic but others produce content sporadically over a wide array of topics.

Businesses thrive on blogging, mainly because it shows that the business can provide expert services or products. Individual bloggers have a bit more freedom. They are able to write about personal matters as well as staying within a certain niche. From a branding standpoint, it’s better to stay within a particular area of expertise, rather than jumping around with particular topics.

There are a few business and professional blogs that I refer to when I need inspiration or guidance when I’m writing, designing or conjuring up new product ideas. Here are a few of my mentoring blogs:

Jess Creatives

Niche: Graphic Design, Web Design, Podcasts, Blogging, Production

Where: United States

On an additional note, Jessica Freeman is my cousin. I started following her blog from the get-go when she was starting out in her business. She’s always there when I need advice or guidance in my own pursuits. Her business focuses on website and graphic design. I follow her on a professional note, due to her extensive insight into the graphic design industry and the advice she provides for her followers. Jessica’s Pinterest account has helped me numerous times when I’m looking at how to solve problems. Whether I’m looking for a place to print, how something works in a program, or what to do for my business, I’m always able to consult many of her avenues of work to make sure I’m headed in the right direction.

Making Sense of Cents

Niche: Personal Finance, Blogging

Where: United States

Many people follow Michelle’s blog when they start blogging. She’s made thousands, if not millions, from her affiliate marketing blog. Michelle started out in the finance sector but transitioned over to blogging after a few years. She now travels with her husband in an RV around the country. Her affiliate course allows others to gain financial freedom and gain ground in their niches to become blogging success stories. The main reason I continue to follow Michelle is due to her communities on Facebook. She’s been able to cultivate her following and let others offer great advice and guidance to other bloggers. She routinely offers her own insights about finance and blogging, whether that’s from her own experience or from bloggers that guest post on her blog.

Sam Laura Brown (formerly Smart Twenties)

Niche: Lifestyle, Productivity, Self-Help, Development

Where: Australia

When I first considered writing a blog, Sam Laura Brown was still branded as Smart Twenties. As a twenty-something myself, I knew I’d fit right in. I routinely visit and check into Sam’s content because, like every professional in business, I value a sense of peace of mind. I think Sam’s content is great for professionals trying to make it into the business world because she pulls from personal experience within her niche. She always has many projects going on and still remains focused on helping her community make the most of their aspirations and goals.

Brain Pickings

Niche: Writing, Researching

Where: Unknown

Brain Pickings, brought to you by Maria Popova, is a great resource. Not only because her blog has been running, ad-free I might add, since 2006, she’s been a writer for so much longer over a vast array of topics. Her weekly posts are studiously researched and curated for her readers. If you want to learn something new each week, a great habit to instill if you want to be successful, you should read and subscribe to Maria’s weekly newsletters. Her writings, as previously stated, cover a wide array of topics. I’ve seen many newsletters focusing on literature, world studies, and art.

Productive Blogging

Niche: Blogging, Business, Marketing

Where: United Kingdom

Eb Gargano has worn many hats. Her most recent is blogging but she started out in business and marketing. She’s a great resource when looking at ways to market your blog and business. Eb focuses on blogging without focusing needlessly on the promotional side of things. Her sole focus is making blogging profitable, efficient and helpful for other readers. She offers a variety of resources for business starters in relation to their blogs so they can produce their own productive and efficient blogs.

She Means Blogging

Niche: Blogging, Communications

Where: Pakistan

I’ve recently started following and getting to know Arfa Nazeer. She’s great at being very contemporary in her approach to blogging. Her use of .gifs and colorful scheme throughout her blog catch your eye when you start to read her content. I joined her email list on growing my blog and creating traffic. Her email marketing campaign covers a wide variety of topics but stays true to the main concept of growing your blog and being successful.


Each one of these entrepreneurs are successes in their niche. Each contributor creates content that focuses on different ways to make the life that they want. Whether they make money from affiliate marketing, ads, freelancing, course creation, and many other ways of creating an income, these bloggers create a way to share their talents and passions to obtain their goals.

Who are some examples of successful blogs and bloggers that inspire you to reach your business and professional goals? Leave a link in my comments and I’ll make sure to check them out!

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