6 Well Branded Profiles on Instagram

6 Well Branded Profiles on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most engagement worthy social media sites for creative entrepreneurs. With a strong visual presence, Instagram is a great way to promote your company’s brand.

If you are starting a business, it is imperative that you create your own unique style for your company’s brand. Whether you go simplistic or you embody a busy work scheme, your style must create a consistency across your platform.

Play around with your photos and determine how you would like your audience to view your products. Envision how you would like to come across to your viewers before you start your account. Even if you are an established business, it is important to avoid inconsistencies with your visual presence.

Many businesses and professionals rely on their visual presence, whether that means their social media, photography, or marketing materials. Being within a consistent brand profile allows your company to be associated quicker than your competition.

The following are great examples of how to utilize branding on social media. They still have personal touches but for the most part, their content is curated and consistent. Each account varies in their audience niche and location, however, they primarily are creative in nature.


I like looking through ARTIFOX mainly due to it sleek lines. It’s a very modern and minimal product design. 

I’ve never been one for product design. It’s always seemed too industrial and complicated for me to understand as far as technical parameters, but ARTIFOX does a good job with their branding on Instagram to create a cohesive look. They use a simple color palette along the grayscale spectrum and don’t make their photos cluttered without looking too staged. 

That’s not to say I can’t tell that it is staged.

ARTIFOX rarely uses people or extra elements in their photos. Whether that be food for a dining set or a mess in the entryway, there’s hardly a crumb out of place. With that element of spotlessness, it does stay true to the message, as they are trying to sell more of an industrialized, minimal audience.  


A collective of stories and curated posts, artofdestinations allows travellers to showcase the beauty of their destinations. In both candid and landscape photos, this Instagram account is a great way for people to go out and explore without leaving the comfort of home. 

I like this Instagram account because it shows so many cool places. It’s not only of beach destinations or trekking up a mountain, but a collective of many different places around the world. 

I also enjoy this account because it teaches you about the place and the landmark that you are seeing. I might be looking at volcanic craters or an abandoned village that I’ve never seen before, and I would be able to gain information right from the post about the where, what and how concerning that landscape.

Considering this Instagram account is a collective, I’m surprised how consistent it is. Most of the photos that are captured are bright and colorful without being overbearing, along with the fact that the focal point of the photo is also square in the middle, or at least lets your eye move across the center point. 


I’m a bit biased with this Instagram account. A previous professor of mine is pretty cool. While her background is in graphic design, she switched to glass and has been teaching it to youngins at the University of Wisconsin. And if you haven’t figured it out, she likes bright, hot pink and showcases it prominently around her glass studio.

Not only does she teach, showcase and exhibit her glasswork, she also spends her time with the Neon studio. Her Instagram is a great showcase of her style, projects and her life. She makes consistent portrayals of her artwork and also shows examples and demos of her workshop and studio. 

Prof. Lee’s Instagram is great because even though she has a more personal touch to her account, due to it being her personal account, she still keeps everything pretty standard when it comes to showcasing her work. She also puts videos of her and her students’ process in the glass lab.


Andrea is awesome. She’s like one of those creative artists that you idealize that you want to be like when you grow up. 

She’s always trying something new and spreading the wealth and knowledge. I watched her work in the glass lab with Helen Lee and her conterpart, Taylor Kurrle, while I was at the University of Wisconsin and she was always willing to take a second and help you with a project or offer advice. While I was not exceptionally gifted at glass work, Andrea always was able to talk to me about what did interest me. 

Most of her works emphasis her passion for glass, but include many photos of her work in neon and design. She also posts about her exhibitions, installments and projects and processes she’s trying out, like woodtype!


I’m a fairly avid fan of calligraphy, despite still being in the learning stages myself. I think it’s great that people have put in the time and effort that I haven’t been able to commit to yet to be able to promote and prosper from their endeavors. 

Paperandinkarts is a business located in Tennessee but I love that their Instagram is not structured to just their own material. They collaborate with other artists to promote various styles of lettering and calligraphy on their account. I love seeing what they are up to that isn’t limited to invitations. They look at different styles, how-tos, and pens to showcase the art of calligraphy.

While their style is not always the same, their message is very clear. They have a wide variety of styles showcased on their account, but paperandinkarts are always focused on the product. Bright colors and showcasing materials or products are at the forefront of their business.


This might be a bit of a bigger Instagram account to shoutout to but Museelouvre is a great inspirational account. 

Museelouvre not only promotes their own pieces in the museum, but they also look into the landscape and visitors of the museum in their account. They do a great job of not making it repetitive and play up the great position they hold in the world as one of the largest art museums in the world. I love looking at the spectacular views of the property along with the general enjoyment that patrons get from the museum on the daily.

Whether it’s with a promotional event, a patron, or a landscape, the Louvre is able to make the impact it needs by focusing on things other than the artwork.


Branding is imperative to your brand, and that extends into social media. Make consistent choices across your marketing efforts to solidify your audience’s view of your business.

Branding can develop over time. There are many products that have changed and rebranded themselves. It’s common practice, but if you have consistent and proven branding techniques, you won’t have to restructure everything within your brand for your business. That’s where successful and stylized visuals help establish your brand as a household name.

Leave me a comment below about other consistent and proven techniques to solidify your social media content!

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